What Makes A Good Restaurant Supervisor

Challenging as it may seem, becoming a good restaurant supervisor can be achieved. The key to that is understanding the three major roles of supervisors. First, they put into action the steps needed to achieve the owners’ or managers’ objectives. Second, they handle day-to-day operations in the restaurant making sure that all concerns are well-attended to. And third, they manage the restaurant staff delegating specific objectives and tasks. Several books and articles have already been written about this but here’s a simple guide to improve your performance.

Understand the workings of the industry. Be in the know of current trends and innovations especially with regards to improving operational efficiency. Have a clear understanding of who your competitors are and evaluate your performance based on industry benchmarks.

Focus on customer experience. Supervising a restaurant is all about ensuring a satisfying dining experience for you customers. Prioritize their needs above anything else.

Develop good communication skills and a pleasing personality. As supervisor, you will deal with many different people every day. Being so, you need to represent your restaurant well not only to project an outstanding company image but to make whoever it is that you are talking to feel that you can be trusted, that you understand their concerns, and that you will be as professional as you can be with them.

Learn to delegate. Employees given sufficient and challenging responsibilities become empowered and consequently, more motivated. Delegating tasks to your subordinates allows you to focus more on supervising giving you a clearer mind to identify problem areas and aspects needing improvement.

Lead by example. Practice what you preach and exhibit the highest level of work ethics yourself. Through this, you will be able to command your staff’s respect and influence their actions with greater ease.

Motivate your subordinates. Regularly praise worthy achievements and recognize high performers. Try to show them that you genuinely care and that you are always there to hear their concerns. As much as you can, take extra steps to inject fun and excitement into the work environment to make your employees look forward to each working day. Motivated people are said be more productive and these tips will definitely have positive implications not only on your employees’ mindset but on your business’ performance as well.

There is a host of other things you can do not just to become good but to be a better restaurant business supervisor. Read up, research, and listen to what your restaurant needs and you’ll surely be guided on how you can improve. What’s ultimately good about this is that you’ll end up becoming a better person as you strive to be a good supervisor.