What Is An Expandable Drop Leaf Restaurant Table

Are you a restaurant owner who wants to equip his/her restaurant with a custom, functional and user-friendly table that is easy to use and handle? If es then an expandable drop leaf restaurant table can make a real difference to your dinning as well as decorating needs in a perfect manner. These tables have been popular for decades and continue to remain one of the most sought after antiques in today modern environment. Hence, the popularity of this style has led to various manufacturers creating modern day reproductions to meet the demand of homeowners and restaurant owners.

A drop leaf table is a table that folds or expands into a larger size. Normally, it is a square table that folds out into a round table. There are four leafs for each table, and they fold underneath the table when not used, and fold out when needed. This table is convenient for restaurants that have big parties but do not have enough space for a fully round table that sits 6-8 people. For example, a normal size drop leaf restaurant table is 36×36 and folds into 51 round. Not only can this size comfortably sit 4 people, but when you have a large part, it can sit 6-8 people.

These tables are custom built and require significant labor to make. Each leaf has to be made individually by hand, and custom fitted with hinges. The hinge mechanism is available in two types: the slide bar or the leaf hinge. Slide bar has a custom shaped handle that holds the table when it? folded underneath, and you need to fold out the table, just extend that bar out. The leaf hinge is a spring mechanism that locks the leaf in the extended or contracted position.

This table also comes with laminated materials. That is why it is known as laminate restaurant table that offers the ultimate in versatility. With drop leafs, it can go from 36″ X 36″ to a 51″ round top easily. You can expand this table for larger parties, or can save space when you don’t need that much seating in your restaurant. If you don? want to bring long and heavy tables in your restaurant, then an expandable drop leaf restaurant table can help you adjust it into a small place too.

Restaurant Furnitures quality of material on seat and back is also an issue to consider. If your using synthetic wicker, notice the thickness, flexibility and the weave spacing. Too thin, too flexible and spacing to far apart is trouble.