Part 4 – Am I Ready to be a Successful Restaurant Manager

Once you understand yourself it is time to understand the work type. Then determine how you can fit into the work type. One of the most effective tools to understanding your strengths and how to leverage these is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This tool explains the relationship between personality types and the workplace. The MBTI will increase self-understanding and appreciation of personal differences. Once a manager understands how different personality types process information and solve problems then they are empowered to improve one-on-one interactions and fast track their career success.

The fact that few people are ready to embark on their dream career is not an insurmountable obstacle to their success. Before following the ‘standard’ cookie-cutter path to career development that has worked for some, but left many candidates wondering why they never made it past an interview with a hospitality recruiter or recruitment firm.

There are two ways to avoid the mistakes that these people made.

1. Work with a recruitment firm. They can help you by coaching you through the hiring process. They are the first to know about the prime jobs. They understand how to land the job. They also understand the fundamentals of restaurant management.

2. Volunteer to do extra work at your current position. All jobs have a visible side and an intangible side. The intangible side is the main obstacle between landing the job and struggling to advance your career. A candidate who can enter a job interview and address concerns that only a good restaurant manager would understand. Volunteering to take on extra jobs is the way to learn these intangibles, and to improve problem solving skills.

3. Develop a ‘success team.’ Avoid following the generic information presented to secure memberships and sell products. The best team is one who has a vested interest in their client’s success. This is one of the secrets many restaurant managers share. They pick a team who have something to lose if the candidate isn’t successful. This team are in the industry. They know the needs of HR professionals. They understand what it takes to make a good restaurant manager and can advise their clients on the right moves to make.

4. Start identifying your strategy. Each manager has a certain focus, style and expertise. The next article will discuss how to determine what type of manager you will be

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