How to develop a Restaurant Manager Career Strategy

What type of manager will you be? .Will you be a team leader or a coach? .Will you be the motivator or the analyst? .Will your focus be on team management and horizontal management, or will your focus be marketing. .Will you study profit margins or team building?

Each manager will have priorities. It might be marketing, or maybe it is in the kitchen. What matters most to you, the profit margin or the customer experience? Take the time to explore these aspects of restaurant management and they will help develop a niche for you to market your skills within.

Restaurant managers play different rolls. Each restaurant HR department is looking for different skill sets within a specific candidate. Whether you are working with a recruiter, or a recruitment firm, it is important to have a well developed set of skills and be able to present your strengths succinctly and clearly. This must be done without hesitation or showing weakness.

One of the buzz words in today’s workplace is coaching. A coach can engage an individual and establish a climate of trust and commitment. They do this by strengthening their integrity and becoming the person everyone else wants to be. This is different than ‘spinning’. It is not a con.

Each person will build the areas and leadership and communication that rings true in their own lives – whether a natural strength, or a developed skill. They lead by meeting the needs of restaurant owners, staff, clients, suppliers, and the community. They can control a situation and determine the outcome by being true to their own integrity.

Ask any career coach and they will tell you, ‘once you are true to your integrity then everything will fall into place.’ When you reach this place in your life then opportunities will present themselves. Your recruitment firm will be able to sell your skill set to the highest bidder.

The good news – you control when you’ll reach this place in your career.

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