Fast-food Restaurant Of The Philippines

For years, Jollibee have excelled in providing just the right taste of fast-food delicacies that filipinos, especially with the filipino children, all over the world are looking for. And now, Jollibee has grown from a simple fast-food restaurant down at Cubao, into one of the biggest corporation in the Philippines, the Jollibee Food Corporation. Visit a Jollibee Philippine site to learn more about their food products.

Like any other popular fast-food restaurants, Jollibee specializes in serving American-style fast-food menus such as burgers, spaghetti, chicken, and Filipino-influenced dishes including the popular palabok, molo, sopas, and popular filipino style breakfast meals inlcuding tocino, longganisa, and tapa.

Aside from the Philippines, Jollibee also has locations on other parts of the globe including mainly countries where Filipinos congregate the most such as United States, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Dubai and Brunei.

Jollibee Food Corporation’s success in the fast-food industry didn’t only come from their main brand, but also because of the several acquisitions that the Jollibee made over the years. Some Filipinos don’t know this, but other popular fast-food chains in the Philippines like Chowking, Greenwich Pizza, and Red Ribbon Bakery, is owned by JFC. Send Jollibee food products to your loved ones back home by visiting an online Jollibee Philippine site.

The company acquired 80 percent of Greenwich Pizza in 1994, enabling it to penetrate the pizza-pasta segment. From a 50-branch operation, Greenwich has established a strong presence in the food service industry. In early 2006, Jollibee Foods Corp. bought out the remaining shares of its partners in Greenwich Pizza Corp., equivalent to a 20% stake, for P384 million in cash.

In 2000, the company acquired Chowking, allowing Jollibee to be part of the Oriental quick service restaurant segment. In 2005, Red Ribbon was acquired by Jollibee Foods Corporation, a conglomerate of popular fast-food chains in the Philippines. Learn more about Jollibee’s food products by visiting an online Jollibee Philippine site.

From these expansions and acquisitions made by JFC, Jollibee has become one of the biggest fast-food chains in the world with 1,655 stores worldwide. It is even stated on a report made in 2008 that JFC has now 1,466 stores in the Philippines namely, Jollibee, Chowking, Greenwich Pizza, Red Ribbon Bakery, Dlifrance, and Manong Pepe’. And by the end of the same year, JFC now holds 1,490 local and 228 foreign stores.